Vision & mission

Novamedia/Postcode Lottery Group is a social enterprise, working to create a better world. We are the biggest global community, doing good and having fun at the same time.

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We believe our communities, countries and the world as a whole benefits from a strong civil society.




We help raise funds for civil society, increase awareness of their work and support new initiatives.




We operate Postcode Lotteries to raise funds for charities and good causes and make good citizenship fun.


How we contribute to our mission

Novamedia/Postcode Lottery Group helps raise structural funds and awareness for good causes in the fields of culture, nature, climate, health, togetherness, human rights and development. We search for investment opportunities that match our expertise and contribute to our mission.

Novamedia is a reliable and loyal financing partner. We understand how important long-term, flexible funding is, and that promoting the good work of charities is crucial in helping them achieve a better world. From experience, we know that a lot of the energy of these organisations goes into raising funds.


Novamedia's funding philosophy


We fund organisations on the basis of trust, for the long term and without restrictions. We do all we can to ensure that our money can have a maximum impact.

Our supported charities  are assessed carefully but once due diligence has been undertaken we trust that they are best placed to know where to spend the funds our players raise. 

Charities can use unrestricted funding where they consider it the most effective and impactful, long-term funding, with supported charities receiving funds year on year, means that charities can plan for the long term, investing in the staff
and facilities to undertake the work they need to do to meet their charitable objectives.

Novamedia CEO Sigrid van Aken places great importance in ‘courageous funding’. “We fund with a firm dose of courage, because risks are part and parcel of serious ambitions,” she explains in this video about the importance of unrestricted, long-term funding.

Read more about our funding philosophy in our story here.

Read the vision document 'Our funding philosophy, Playing for a better world' here.


Our 4 core values

Courageous, Fun, Sharing and Sustainable

Our core values are important in our daily business. They drive our decisions, how we act, how we communicate, and ultimately how we are perceived. Using our core values in daily thinking and actions generates creativity and entrepreneurship. And it bonds us across departments and countries.




With an entrepreneurial spirit we strive to act outside established frameworks to keep the Lotteries successful. We partner with NGOs so that they can be entrepreneurial with our unrestricted funding. 




Our players enjoy our games and win great prizes. We enjoy our jobs as well, and ensure our offices are an enjoyable place to work.




Players win prizes together with their neighbours and the charities we support win too, by receiving vital funding. As a team, we share our knowledge and skills.






We support the global process towards sustainability. Through our supported charities, we make a meaningful contribution to society by supporting both people and planet.


We strive to make sustainable choices wherever we can, through our actions and lottery operations, working with sustainable partners, and making charitable contributions.






Good Operations

As a social enterprise in heart and soul, we also aim to run our own operations as sustainably and inclusively as possible. Our Good Operations (GO) agenda directs our efforts towards achieving this goal.

Although there is an international GO team, led by Novamedia’s Director of International Affairs and made up of representatives from each country, the local managing directors set their own GO targets, in close cooperation with Novamedia. The GO agenda is applied within the framework of each lottery’s operations and is specific to each country.

The Good Operations agenda

Based on our vision, mission and core values and developed with our stakeholders, the GO agenda focuses on five ambitions:

  1. Being a great place for people to work and meet
  2. Maximising the positive impact of our funds
  3. Engaging in customer-focused campaigning
  4. Achieving leadership in responsible value chains
  5. Operating with integrity
Reducing CO2 emissions

We want our lotteries to operate climate-neutrally, and we cut CO2 emissions wherever we can. In the Netherlands, we fully offset emissions we are unable to prevent (despite our best efforts) by planting trees and investing in clean cookstove initiatives to help cut pollution.

Offices in Sweden and the Netherlands only use FSC paper. The People’s Postcode Lottery office runs on 100% renewable electricity. Deutsche Postcode Lotterie and Nationale Postcode Loterij both provide free public transport for employees.


We want Novamedia to be inclusive, not only towards team members but also towards customers and suppliers. Everyone is welcome regardless of nationality, background, age, religion or sexual orientation. We want our employees to feel free to be themselves in an atmosphere of openness, equality and respect.

We aim for gender balance in our workforce and our senior management teams and equal pay for men and women. In 2022 our Executive Board consisted of two women and one man.

How we live our mission

Resilient societies and people form the basis for further development and growth.


Only by conserving and protecting the earth’s resources and ecosystems can we ensure a sustainable and fair use of our natural resources.


We organise our Postcode Lotteries in a responsible way and communicate openly, providing stakeholders with an unbiased picture of our performance and impact.