People's Postcode Lottery

People's Postcode Lottery launched in 2005. Since then, millions of players all across Britain have raised over £1 billion for thousands of charities and good causes of all shapes and sizes.

 Players of People’s Postcode Lottery play with their postcode and pay £10 a month per subscription to be entered into 20 monthly draws. Winning postcodes are announced every day of the month. The funds raised are awarded to charities and good causes by one of 20 independent, grant-giving Postcode Trusts.

With 33% of the ticket price going to charity, our players know they are helping amazing causes every day.

People's Postcode Lottery

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Postcode Lottery format



The postcode is the basis of the lottery number. Players sign up and pay £10 for 20 draws, paid monthly in advance.





Results & key success factors


Every day, neighbours in postcodes across England, Scotland and Wales celebrate a win with People’s Postcode Lottery. Prizes usually range from £10 to £30,000, right up to a share of the monthly £3 million Postcode Millions prize.

  • Winning postcodes are announced every day. More on the prizes players can win.
  • £30,000 for every winning ticket in one postcode every Saturday and Sunday.
  • One winning postcode area shares a £3 million prize in the monthly Postcode Millions draw. 

More on People’s Postcode Lottery prizes.​​

Raising funds for good causes

People’s Postcode Lottery exists to raise funds for people and planet and increase awareness of the work of charities and good causes in Great Britain and beyond. People’s Postcode Lottery manages charity lotteries for 20 Postcode Trusts. Read more about the charities supported by our players.




The Postcode Trusts

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People's Postcode Lottery ambassadors

People's Postcode Lottery has a number of celebrity ambassadors. Judie McCourt, Danyl Johnson, Jeff Brazier and Matt Johnson visit People's Postcode Lottery winners to present them with their cheques, host Postcode Million events and take part in People's Postcode Lottery advertising campaigns. Fiona Phillips works on campaigns with charities that have been supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

£1 billion for thousands of charities & good causes

People's Postcode Lottery 2021 

Our Year In Numbers

People's Postcode Lottery 2020 - Our Year In Numbers

Over 4 million playersOver £173 million raised for charity
A minimum of 33% from each subscription for good causesOver £800 million raised for good causes since 2005
Over 9,000 good causes supportedLocal good causes up by more than 50%

Find the most recent annual report and allocations in the newsroom.